Ponca City Rifle and Pistol Club
Box 708, Ponca City, OK 74602
Email: pcrifle@poncacity.net

GPS Coordinates:  N 36* 37.804   W 97* 13.710

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All matches are open to visitors as well as club members. Juniors are welcome. Contact the program chairman.

High Power Rifle
Minimum requirements are a centerfire rifle with iron sights and 80 rounds of ammunition. Typically shot with a military style rifle and in different positions. Shooting jackets, gloves and spotting scopes are allowed. Participation satisfies requirement for purchasing M1 Garands from the CMP.

High Power Sporter Rifle
Minimum requirements are any centerfire rifle with any sight (iron or scope) weighing a maximum of 9 1/2 pounds and 40 rounds of ammunition. Deer rifles and light varmint rifles are commonly used. Targets are shot in 3 positions. Good hunting practice.

Small Bore Rifle:
  • All Small Bore matches that are scheduled on the second Saturday of each month will be NRA 7.6 Conventional Prone One Day Matches. The first half of the match is metallic sights, the second half is any sights.(1600 pt. match) These matches are open to the public.
  • To enter the PCRPC members-only contest, members must choose one of the matches,(in April, May, or June) before they shoot that day. This score will be used for the club contest.
  • The one exception will be the State Small Bore Match which will be the NRA 7.2 Conventional Prone held Saturday and Sunday, July 11-12, 2009. The first day is metallic sights the second day is any sights.(3200 pt. match)
  • There will be NO Small Bore matches held during week-day.

  • Handgun Safari
    Any Oklahoma Big Game legal handgun, basically 4 inch .357 and above, with any sight. Targets are NRA life-size animals from squirrel up to black bear. About 30 rounds a match at ranges from 25 to 75 yards.

    (United States Practical Shooting Association/International Practical Shooting Confederation)

    A "Run and Gun" action pistol shooting program. Basic requirements are a centerfire handgun of 9mm or larger, a holster and belt, 3 magazines or revolver speedloaders, and 100 rounds of ammunition. Various targets are used in various scenarios and score is determined by accuracy and speed. Targets can be cardboard or steel and may move, as we have some that spin, pop-up, bob back and forth, or fall down.

    High Power Silhouette
    Any centerfire rifle, any sight, 10.2 pound weight maximum, 20 rounds of ammunition. Targets are paper silhouettes of chicken, pig, turkey, or ram shot at 100 yards standing. Scored hit or miss. Targets are approximately the size of an outstretched hand. This is a quick, easy, fun evening match.

    Junior Club
    Safety and marksmanship training for juniors (12-18) at an indoor range. Beginner classes in spring and fall; parents are encouraged to participate. The advanced class provides weekly shooting opportunities for those who have completed the beginner class. The Junior Club is sponsored by the Ponca City Rifle and Pistol Club and is affiliated with the NRA, ORA and USA Shooting (Olympic). Classes are conducted by NRA certified instructors, most of whom are PCR&PC members.

    Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC)
    Contact the YHEC program chairman to enter a youth or to volunteer to help. Helpers are really needed for this worthwhile youth program, so call the chainman to volunteer. YHEC (age under 18) has 8 events: 22 rifle, black powder, shotgun, archery, test (like hunter education test), wildlife identification, hunter responsibility trail, and orienteering.

    Water Cup Shoot
    Shoot cups of water off a plank with a .22 cal. pistol and/or rifle. See water splash about! Timed, but you can't miss fast enough to win.

    Steel Challenge:
    Simple: your time is your score. There are five targets, commonly referred to as plates. Four are primary plates, and the fifth is designated as the stop plate. Each of the primary targets must be hit at least once during each string of fire, followed by the stop plate, which must be hit last to stop the time. Competitors may fire as many rounds as they deem necessary for each string of fire. The best four out of five strings will be counted as the total score for each stage. Total score for all stages will determine the order of finish for final standings. Can be shot with any handgun. A holster is required for all handguns except 22lr pistols.

    Rimfire Fun Match
    Any .22lr handgun or sporter rifle is allowed. This match is shot similar to Steel Challenge. Several magazines or speed loaders are helpful in order to speed up the match. Shooters will start in the ready position & shoot standing. Handguns will fire at 25 yds. & rifles will fire at 35 yds.
    There are 25 steel silhouette targets which must be knocked off the racks. Each stage will be fired in four runs of 6 or 7 targets each. A match will consist of two stages. Scoring for each run will be the elapsed time plus five seconds added for each target left standing. All runs will be added for final score. Auto shooters may load 12 plus one at the start of each run. Revolvers shooters may reload once. Eye & hearing protection is required for all shooters & close observers. Match fees are $5 per gun, shooters may shoot more than one match. This match is open to the public.